Monday, June 5, 2017

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The reason why Kang Daniel is popular

The difference onstage and offstage

He looks like a puppy

The mole he has underneath one of his eyes

His lips 

His broad shoulders

His dancing skills

His beautiful, large hands

His physical figure

His light skin tone

His front teeth

His fashion sense

His back which looks like an inverted triangle


1. [+276][-4] He looks like a puppy at day and looks like wolf at night☞☜

2. [+234][-11] Even people who don't watch Produce 101 acknowledges his handsomeness..

3. [+223][-4] A big puppy..

4. [+87][-1] The difference he makes onstage and offstage is seriously driving me crazyㅠㅠ

5. [+87][-0] I hope his company won't tell him to use braces or get plastic surgery!!! And please, stop losing weightㅜㅜ I like you just the way you are right now, don't ever get under the knife!!!

6. [+85][-1] He's so f*cking handsome.. My fixed pick..

7. [+72][-0] This expression is driving me insane..

8. [+68][-0] His fans are mostly still in 10s..ㅜㅜ I like how he acts differently onstage and offstage!

9. [+61][-2] A puppy..

10. [+59][-0] The difference he makes onstage and offstage could drive people insane..