Monday, June 5, 2017

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Experience of doing part-time work as Produce 101's crew

There was a post about a netizen sharing her experience of doing part-time work as Produce 101's crew but it has been deleted now, I think Mnet gave her a warning or threat to delete the post.

'Produce 101 Season 2 _ Seeing Yoon Jisung, No Taehyun, Ong Seungwoo, Kang Daniel, etc in person'

'Hello, this is Joy. Honestly, what I'm going to talk about here is not something that just happened recently. It already happened around a few weeks ago, but I haven't had any time to write the post so here I am now. I got this part-time work because of my friends. 

The location is at English Village in Paju, so I took a bus to get there. What I needed to do was to shoot the interviews of the trainees, they were in the middle of practicing so it took a long time to finish. I took a walk around while waiting for them, and once they walked out of the training center, I took them to another building and interviewed them right away. That was all I needed to do. 

I didn't know anything about Produce 101 before, and because of the interview I got to know a little bit about the show. They talked about benefits and stuffs. 

The interview took place in some rooms. The only people who got to enter the room during the interview were only the trainee, writer, and cameraman. And that's what the interview room looks like. Nothing special, right?ㅎㅎ

First of all, I would set the mic and check if it worked or not by asking them to say anything, they literally said whatever they had inside their mind.  Some just said 'Ah ah' and there was a trainee who introduced himself like 'I'm bla bla bla from Ardor and Able':)

I also got to see some of the trainees who are the hottest issues in Facebook. The first trainee who I interviewed was Yoon Jisung. He's all over my Facebook page so I knew who he was, haha. 

He's a little bit thinner than he looks on screen. No actually, all of the trainees are really thin. I don't know if it's because the intense training or their diet. They're all really thin, with no exception!!

So anyway, all of the trainee took some time to retouch their make up a little bit. They were a little bit clumsy at applying powder and such things.. Some of them asked me "Do I look okay?" so I answered "Yes, you look gorgeous". They all looked very pale on screen thanks to the powder. 

We divided the interview into some parts. The first part was where when they acted as if they didn't know what song they were going to choose, and the second part was where when they already know the song. During the first part, they would talk about what roles they want to have. Something like center, main vocal, or anything. And once it's over, they changed their shirts and talked about how they divided the parts of the song. It took around 40 minutes to finish the whole interview. I seriously thought it would just take around 10 minutes..

I can feel Yoon Jisung's happy virus during the time I spent with him. I guess he's really close with the writer since he looked so comfortable when he talked with the writer. He has good reactions, and he answers the questions really well. I think I know why he has a lot of screen time. I interviewed him for almost an hour, but he didn't look tired or bored at all. He worked his best to answer all the questions we asked!!!

We got to talk about the elimination and he answered "It's too crueeeel!!!" "This show is really cruel.. Eventhough I already knew it from the first...!!"
He didn't get eliminated right?

Yoon Jisung is a very cheerful person. Like, really really cheerful. 

The trainees practiced until late, so there were some trainees who fell asleep while waiting their turn to get interviewed. Yoon Jisung was the only one who stayed energetic until the end, I don't know what's his secret behind that. 

And next is Ong Sungwoo. I didn't interview him but I saw him waiting for his turn for a really long time because the trainee who got interviewed before him. He looked so tired, he fell asleep right away. He could just sleep on his bed, but he slept on a chair instead. Since he's tall, he looked uncomfortable when he slept on the chair. I felt a little bit sorry towards him when I saw that. So I gave him a bottle of water and said "You can go inside your room and sleep" and he answered "It's.. It's okay" but he didn't look okay at all. Even though he was really tired, he still greeted everyone who walked pass him. If I was him I would've just pretended to sleep.. Oh and he has a really distinct facial features. He's indeed really handsome. In the end, Ong Sungwoo slept on the chair for 40 minutes. 

The next person I interviewed was No Taehyun. After I went home, I watched his video and realized what an amazing person he is. He sang a cover of 'Shape of You'. He looked like an innocent young man during the interview, I didn't know he's actually a really cool man once he walks on the stage. The questions I asked to him were pretty similar to what I asked to Yoon Jisung. He talked about how he thinks he got chosen as the leader because of his ageㅋㅋㅋ

He also talked about how bad is his skin and how it concerns him so much. He said he goes to a dermatologist with another trainees from his companyㅋㅋ He talked about Flaxer laser and any other treatment he gets there. When I checked his mic he kept repeating his introduction, "I'm No Taehyun from Ardor and Able" until I told him to stop. That's why I remember him and the name of his company. It's stuck inside my head. 

No Taehyun is also a happy virus, just like Yoon Jisung. 

Every trainees I interviewed came in while holding a make up pouch. I can understand since they need to look good on screen. Ahn Hyungseob uses a pouch with a cute character on it, he said his mom gave it to him..ㅎㅎ
Ahn Hyungseob once got into a scandal because of his personality, and that's probably why he looked scared whenever he was going to talk. He said he's afraid about how Mnet will edit his interview. Mnet needs to edit it so that the show looks interesting, and it all depends on what the trainees do and say. He was really careful about everything he said, I felt so bad towards himㅠㅠ

Oh and among the trainees, I think Kang Dongho is the only one who looks similar with how he looks on screen. He has a strong image, am I right?

I saw Kang Daniel on my way to get a meal. I think I know why people around me keeps talking about him. I was busy taking a bowl of a rice when someone beside me did the same, so I thought "Ah.. I guess it's the time for the trainees to eat now.." and turned my head to see the name tag, it was Kang Daniel. So I immediately turned my gaze to his face and he was really handsome.. He's taller than I thought, and he's not that skinny. I want to stan Kang Daniel, he looks like a puppy!!

Anyway, I hope these hard-working trainees will get to debut in the end..ㅠㅠ
I pity them, they barely get any sleep and their minds are full of worries..
Choi Minki, he ranks lower than any other trainees from his company, he looked so downㅠㅠ
I'm rooting for him so that he can debut together with his friends..

Well, this is my experience of doing part-time work as Produce 101's crew. 
The whole thing ended at around 1 AM. And they said it ended really early that day.
It usually ends at 5 AM. 

I don't think I can work part-time here again..ㅠㅠㅠ
I don't want to work part-time here again, once is enough..

It's so shocking to know that the interviews are done in those small rooms. 
The whole post talked about Yoon Jisung who asked the OP "Do I look okay?", and Kang Dongho who has 'strong' images, and Ong Sungwoo who waited a long time to get interviewed, and sexy Kang Daniel (The OP even fell for himㅋㅋㅋ), and No Taehyun who kept repeating the same sentence until the OP told him to stopㅋㅋㅋㅋ

Anyway, my heart broke when I read the part about Ahn Hyungseobㅠㅠㅠ
He said he's scared to talk now..
Yeah, anyway.. The OP is truly a hero..


1. [+134][-5] Ah.. Hyungseob-ahㅠㅠ He looks all bright and cheerful on TV but actually he's still having a hard timeㅠㅠ What should I do..ㅠㅠ

2. [+128][-7] My precious Hyungseob, you're having a hard time, right? I'm really really sorry.. Please don't be scared anymore. Let's be happy from now on.. I promise I will make you able to debut, I will work hard to vote youㅠㅠ MNet, how could you make such a cheerful kid going through a hard time..ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+128][-6] I really feel bad towards Ahn Hyungseob.. I guess Mnet still hasn't realized what they've done to him, he sounds so lost..

4. [+61][-4] Minki..ㅠㅠㅠ Jonghyun, Minhyun, and Dongho all hit big because of their songs, "Never" and "Open Up"ㅠㅠ It will be difficult for Minki to catch up with them, just please.. don't get eliminated..ㅠㅠ

5. [+49][-1] I think it will be the best for the trainees to get their physical health checked up right after the show ends.. There are just too much problems with the show..