Monday, June 5, 2017

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Have you seen Kim Yongjin's facebook update?

I don't know how to react to this.. F*ck..
He's not my bias but it breaks my heart to read this..
I wish the person he was talking about get bad luck for the rest of their life..

'I was scrolling down through my fanpage on Instagram and saw a comment saying 'Yongjin-ah, kill yourself' in a post that can be seen by everyone. I'm not feeling upset at all because of that words, but I do feel sorry towards my fans. If only I didn't do something wrong, they wouldn't have to see such mean comments in their account. For me, I've heard much meaner things since I was young so things like that don't bother me anymore.'


1. [+95][-1] He's not my bias but it's breaking my heart to read such things.. How could a person be that mean? F*ck.. How could you say such thing to another person.. Are you heartless?

2. [+77][-0] He's a very nice person but people are hating him for his looks.. How could you say such thing to another person, though..

3. [+54][-0] Yongjin-ah, I sincerely wish you all the bestㅠㅠ Let's debut, Yongjin!

4. [+26][-0] Look at him, that post shows how kind Yongjin is.. During the interview he said "If I get chosen as the rapper, and the opposite team has a vocalist chosen as the rapper, I would feel really offended" but then he continued "I will work harder from now on"ㅠㅠ How could you be so mean to this kind person!!

5. [+17][-2] Yongjin is a very kind person.. Please don't judge him based on his looks.. He got hurt a lot because he was made fun for how he looked back then during his school days, that's the reason why he went under the knife.. He's trying to find his confidence and slowly gaining it as the time passes by..ㅠㅠ It's okay if you don't vote for him, just please.. don't leave hate comments or swear at himㅠㅠ

6. [+11][-0] I like him because of his nice personalityㅠㅠ I wish him all the best..

7. [+10][-0] Oh my goodness.. I want to give him a hug..ㅠㅠ 

8. [+8][-0] I really hate those people who make fun of his looks.. There must be a reason why he decided to went under the knife, right.. Please think about his feelings too and stop judging him from his looks..

9. [+8][-0] F*ck.. He was my fixed pick..ㅠㅠ I wonder if that person who told him to die has a heart..? You're not only hurting Yongjin, but also his fans!! Who does this b*tch think she is to tell our Yongjin to kill himselfㅠㅠ

10. [+7][-0] It amazes me how people can say such mean things to another people.. They sound like psychopaths..