Thursday, June 8, 2017


The participants who passed the first round of Idol School

Honestly, I don't see Idol School in a positive way but I think this show is not going to flop, eventhough I think it's going to be worse than Produce 101..

And after Produce 101 ends, it will be continued by Show Me The Money and then Idol School..
I think it's better for the show to not be talked in Pann..


1. [+817][-4] F*ck.. Every one in South Korea is going to be idols at this rate..

2. [+645][-9] There must be a lot of gangsters and bullies there..

3. [+522][-6] Everyone beside me becomes an idols these days..

4. [+273][-7] I hope it flops just like how Boys 24 flopped..ㅋㅋㅋ Please stop producing this kind of shows, it only brings embarassment to our country.. I don't want to show the world how full of bullshit our country is..

5. [+230][-1] I bet there would be at least 100 posts about the trainee's pasts or stuffs once the show airs..

6. [+196][-2] There's this kid in my school who passed the first round of Idol School and my friends are preparing for some posts to expose her dirty pastㅋㅋㅋ

7. [+171][-0] There must be some of you who's getting ready to expose those trainees' pasts, right? Make sure to insert proofs that can be trusted such as high quality pictures, videos are even better. And expose it all once they debut.. Ruin their life just like how Top Secret's Kyungha's life is ruined..

8. [+126][-0] I know the reason why this show is worse than Produce 101. At least the trainees who participated in Produce 101 are trainees who actually trained to be idols, while in this show you only need to be pretty. There are so many kids who think they deserve to be in the show just because they're good-looking..

9. [+125][-3] Am I the only one who feels it's going to end like how Boys24 ended..?

10. [+98][-0] You all talk as if you're not going to watch it.. I bet some of you will watch the show just to judge their looks..