Friday, June 9, 2017

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Mnet confirms the final line up of Produce 101 will consist of 11 members

'In the end, it's 11 members'.. Produce 101 Season 2 confirms the number of debuting trainees.

-Thank you... But why only 20 trainees survive from the third ranking announcement..?

-It's a relief that they decided to go with 11.. Eventhough I'm a little bit sad that only 20 will go to final..

-I'll go and find Joonyoung no matter where he hides if Yongguk ends up in #21..

-Please explain to us why only 20 trainees get to go to the final..

-Please get rid of the benefit..

-Joonyoung-ah, don't you hear all these fans telling you to get rid of the benefit?

-Such a bullshit.. It must be fun for them to release unreasonable news in order to get attention from netizens, right?

-This show is so annoyingㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


-Are you kidding me??ㅎㅎ

-Ahn Joonyoung, please resign from your position..

-Yongguk, please don't get eliminatedㅠㅠㅠ

-I'm not going to watch the final if there's no Kim Sanggyun and Jung Sewoon..

-It has always been 11 members..

-I seriously want to slap Mnet's PD..