Friday, June 9, 2017

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Can't Ha Sungwoon get higher rank?

I'm not a fan of Ha Sungwoon, by the way.
He has the talents, he's really desperate, he's a funny guy, and I think he's quite popular..?
I hope he can get into the final line up and debut..


1. [+186][-9] I agree~! I like him so much..ㅎㅎ He has the talents, the charms, and also the voice that can draw you in..

2. [+167][-9] Learning from the first season, trainees who are talented and get lots of screen times are the advantaged ones.. I personally think the possibility of him to get higher ranking is bigger if he says or does something that can make the viewers pity him..

3. [+159][-6] Sungwoon is really talented~ I'm rooting for him..

4. [+67][-0] He has the looks and the talents. Are there any reasons for him to not be in the top 3?

5. [+55][-3] Of course Ha Sungwoon needs to get higher rank.. He has the talents and also the visual.. Sanggyun, Sungwoon, see you in the final..

6. [+51][-0] Ha Sungwoon can get into the top 3.. I think people around me who don't watch the show will vote for him because of his talents..

7. [+47][-0] Doesn't it depend on his effort? Hard work and effort never betrays the result..

8. [+40][-0] Thank you so much to those who are supporting Sungwoon..ㅠㅠ

9. [+35][-0] Trainees in the higher ranking are always get hate.. Starting from Daehwi, Jisung to Kang Daniel and Pledis' trainees.. Please just stop it, I'm sick of it..

10. [+26][-0] I'm a Daniel's fan but I just don't understand why his rank is so low..ㅋㅋ