Wednesday, May 31, 2017

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Park Seojun looking taken aback by the kiss in Fight My Way

Her tongue.. There's no need to do that, though..


-What's wrong with it? I like this scene..

-Can someone tell me the name of the actress..??

-Huk.. I didn't notice that..

-That's the scene where he has to act as if he was taken aback.. I'm sure they've talked about it before they shoot the scene..

-It's a drama..

-Do people usually kiss like that? I mean, their lips hadn't even touched yet but the tongue..

-I'm sure they've talked about it beforehand..ㅠㅠ The director must've thought the scene was good, otherwise he wouldn't air it on TV!

-The gif isn't working properly for me..ㅠㅠ

-Ooh.. Maybe that's just her actual habit when she kisses..?

-Thanks to this drama I can survive for the whole week..ㅠㅠ

-I've never been so desperate for Monday to come..

-It's somehow really heart-fluttering for me..


-I wasn't expecting much from this drama and just watched it because it was airing on TV.. It's much better than I thought.. Like, really really better

-I thought Kim Jiwon was the female main character, though??

-Maybe she just did that in purpose because his friends were peeking behind the shelves?

-I don't think there's anything problematic about this scene..

-I myself was really surprised when I saw it..

-This is a really nice drama.. Park Seojun, Kim Jiwon.. I want to make them mine..ㅠㅠ