Wednesday, May 17, 2017

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A female singer talks about how she lost her interest on BTS after seeing them in person

Viewers: What do you think about Bangtan?

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
Kim Hyungeun: You mean when I first saw BTS in real life in MCountdown rehearsal?
The other girl: I was so put off- (can also mean 'I lost my interest')
Kim Hyungeun: I was so put off..

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
Male 1: Why why?
KHE: *keeps laughing*
Male 1: Tell us why. You can't say things like this (The caption says that he's afraid of BTS' fans)
KHE: I'm just kidding

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
The other girl: *keeps laughing*
KHE: For your information, I'm a big fan of BTS. We did a rehearsal together, and I couldn't shut my mouth when I saw them on stage because they looked so cool.
The other girl: BTS is indeed so cool.
Male 2: *sings Blood, Sweats, and Tears*

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
Male 1: I know that handsome guy in BTS, I think his name is V?
KHE: V! I like him so much.
The other girl: Talking about V..

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
Male 1: No, no you (may get attacked) by BTS' fans..
KHE: *hides behind Male 1 and keeps laughing*
The other girl: No, I'm just talking about what KHE saw. She got to meet BTS in the waiting room and.. you know how BTS always work really hard right? She saw that V was wearing a slipper and wondered if he has calluses on his feet.
Male 1: Ok, let's stop it here.

5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
Kim Hyungeun was one of Produce 101's participants, she already debuted as a singer in 2016. She guested in this show and talked about how she lost her interest on BTS after seeing them in person. No one knows if the thing that the other girl talked about (about KHE wondering if V has calluses on his feet) is true or not. She kept calling V without any formal addresses (She's supposed to call him Senior V since he debuted 5 years earlier than she did, and she has no family relation with him at all)

The other two males who guested in the same show shielded her saying that it was a joke, and it was nothing she should be apologizing for. But what they said in the show is destroying V's image, who would take a responsibility of it? (Anyway, not everyone who wears slippers have calluses on their feet)

++Kim Hyungeun already apologized through her Instagram account++
5년차 선배에게 정이 뚝 떨어졌다고 표현하는 걸그룹 멤버 | 인스티즈
I would like to apologize for being so thoughtless. I just talked what was on my mind without thinking about it first. I would like to apologize especially to BTS' fans and BTS seniors. I'm sorry for making a lot of you feel uncomfortable, I'm sorry for disappointing you. I'm sorry for talking bad about Senior V in that show. I was just talking about how much I liked BTS and I didn't know it would end up like that. For the last time, I apologize.

-Huk.. Is this real??? Did she really talk about V like that??

-She's really thoughtless.. I'm not a BTS' fan, but this upsets me so much..

-I hope I would never see you again..

-She has a really bad personality and it doesn't only affect herself, but also affects her whole group.. That's why they can't get famous..

-I liked her so much during PD101, I didn't know that she would be this disappointing..

-I voted for Kim Hyungeun back then..ㅎ...

-Well if you really like BTS, you wouldn't say something like that..

-What a great personality she has right there.. And judging from how she apologized, it looks like she doesn't even know her own fault..

-That looks like something that a primary school student would write, it's full of 'I'm sorry, I'm sorry' and has no sincerity at all..

-Look at how she keeps talking about how she likes BTS even in her apologize letter, I'm dumb-founded..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-I don't know who's this girl, but what she did in that show totally shows you her real personality.. I hate people like her..

-There's a reason why she can't get famous..

-Ok.. So can someone tell me about who this girl is?

-I liked her so much during PD101 but.. bye, you disappointed me..

-What is she talking about..

-If she's really a fan of BTS, she wouldn't talk about them like that.. I hope I will never see her again on TV..

-She's so rude.. She doesn't even have the basic manners..

-Stay away from my boys..

-With that kind of personality, no one will like her.. Please behave well..

-She has crossed the lines..

-Wearing slippers = Calluses on feet?