Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The reason why my dad hates Superman is Back and Dad, Where Are We Going?

Because he thinks those people are using their babies for money.
At first, I disagreed and told him to not taking bad assumption from it but then he explained his reason. He thinks the babies are still young, and there's no need for them to be exposed to the public through TV shows like that. And since then, I've been thinking about his words..

-I know right, I also think the same way and that's why I don't watch those shows.. 

-I agree.. They don't get to agree whether if they want to do the shows or not, they're just doing it because their parents told them so.

-The same thing goes to animals related shows^^

-I think I know why my dad doesn't watch those shows now..

-I know right.. And there are some people who just use the show to recycle their image..

-I think so too.. No one in my family watches those shows because of the same reason..

-Frankly speaking, it's true that they're using their babies to earn money.. If I had kids someday, I would never let them get exposed to the public through TV shows..

-That's why I don't watch those shows too.. I personally think those shows are pointless..

-Isn't it a good idea? I mean, they get to see how they were raised once they're all grown up. And they also get to try out new things, go out on vacations, etc.. Or it's just probably because I wasn't raised like that?ㅜㅜ

-In the beginning of the shows, they stated that they joined those programs to make memories with their babies. To be honest, I was really jealous when I heard that. They get to spend a lot of times with their parents, and they can look back at it once they're all grown up. But now, I really feel sorry for those babies.. They become the center of the attention everywhere they go, people would surround them, etc, and it looks like they might get stressed because of it..ㅜㅜ

-There are some parents who don't watch those shows because they feel sorry for their babies. As you can see in the shows, the babies always get toys they want, etc and there are some parents who just can't afford to buy their babies toys..