Friday, February 3, 2017

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The youtuber whose eyes look like BTS' V's

First of all, the guy in the picture above is V

And this is the youtuber that I'm talking about..
방탄 뷔랑 눈매가 똑같이 생긴 유튜버 | 인스티즈

Kim Namok (He has 320,000 subscribers)

I predict most of the comments I'll get is 'Hmm?? They don't look like each other at all?? Are you a BTS' anti???'

But hold on a second, if you take a closer look at this picture..
방탄 뷔랑 눈매가 똑같이 생긴 유튜버 | 인스티즈


If you zoom it in:
방탄 뷔랑 눈매가 똑같이 생긴 유튜버 | 인스티즈

..Am I the only one who think their eyes look exactly the same..?
(FYI, this picture is not edited at all. It's just a screencapture from his video)

I heard he was really handsome before he gained a lot of weight, but I couldn't find any pictures of him back then..

-Their left eyes kind of look alike..!

-Oh..ㅋㅋㅋ I kinda agree..

-Oh.. They kind of look alike..

-He reminds me of Daehyun..

-That guy is really funny..ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

-He makes that hairdryer looks delicious..
  -Hul.. I wouldn't even know that was a hairdryer if I didn't see this comment..

-I think he looks like Crush..?

-I think it's just because of the size of their eyes..? Their eyes look totally different.. And Taehyun has lost so much weight, so his eyes don't look like that anymore now..

-He's handsome.. His eyes really do look like V's.. But I personally think his overall image looks like Jimin

-Oh.. I know what the OP is trying to point out here..

-Hmm.. I get it that they do look alike.. But V is just way too handsome..

-That V guy is really handsome..

-I like Nam Ok..

-I don't see it..

-I don't know about V.. But I think he looks like Jimin..

-I don't think he looks like V.. He just looks like my cousin..

-You have to watch his videos..ㅠㅠ He's really funny..

-Nam Ok.. He was really handsome before he started gaining all of that weight..

-Nam Ok is really cute..

-Oh.. They look nothing alike, though..??

-Oh.. I want to see how he looked like back then before he gained weight..