Sunday, February 5, 2017


The reason why idols shouldn't be in relationships

Explaining why idols shouldn't be in relationships in a controversial way

They debuted as products and not as human, does it make sense for them to be in relationships?
They want to receive love and attention both from their fans and their lovers?
Leave your group. If you want to date in freedom then just leave your group, I beg you.

Their annual incomes are mostly from their fans who are in 20s.
How dare they to be in relationships when all of their fans starve theirselves and work hard to earn money to buy their albums?
If I was an idol, I would laugh whenever I see the balance in my account, and I would get to sleep in peace everydayㅋㅋ F*ck

-I honestly don't care if they're dating or now.. I just hope they don't reveal it to the public, I know I might sound selfish but I hope they don't get caught by Dispatch..

-Whoa.. That's really harsh.. I was wondering if celebrities aren't human as well, but I kind of agree when the OP said that idols debuted as products and not as human..

-How should I put this into words.. I have nothing against them being in relationship, it's just because I'm single..

-Products like you need to stop talking about idols in this manner..

-I don't care.. Just as long as they don't get caught by the public..

-No one cares about them being in relationships or not.. It's because they always acting really obvious and attract Dispatch or The Fact to reveal it..

-Celebrities are human too.. They're not products..

-I just hope they stop giving hints and being so obvious about it..

-It's true that they are products.. The moment they get caught in relationships, the quality of the products will fall down..

-I don't know about anything else but I can't believe you call them products..

-I don't think this is right..

-I just hope things like Dispatch don't exist.. I don't even want to know about idols' relationships..

-How could they not get caught when the paparazzis and the sasaeng fans are following them 24/7..

-If I was an idol, I probably would never be in relationships.. I mean, I'm not even dating anyone right now.. And being in relationship isn't everything..

-The words are really harsh but I kind of agree..

-The last sentence slapped me really hard..

-It's okay as long as they don't get caught.. That's the best both for the idols and the fans..

-Products..? I think it's really harsh to call them as products..

-Dispatch is the real problem right here..

-Where's the controversial part of this post..?

-It's okay as long as they don't betray their own fans..

-To be honest, I don't really care if they're in relationships or not..