Saturday, January 7, 2017

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Male idols with broad shoulders

1. Exo's Sehun:
Sehun is.. *speechless*

2. BTS' Jin
His shoulders are really broad.. They're just as broad as the pacific ocean.. And this picture of him is really heart-fluttering..

3. VIXX's Leo
Everyone knows he has a really hot body.. He also has a really broad shoulders, I love it..

4. Got7's JB
His shoulders are so broad.. And I like it..

The end!!
Those who have read this post will get a lot of blessing in 2017, and so will those who still haven't read this post!


1. [+373][-96] The members with the broadest shoulders in Exo: Sehun 49cm, Kai 48cm, Baekhyun 47cm.

2. [+253][-94] BTS' Kim Seokjin<3

3. [+147][-31] My Taekwoonie..

4. [+91][-13] The width of his shoulders is 49cm..ㅠㅠ

5. [+85][-16] Kim Seokjin.. I always fall in love with him all over again whenever I see this gifㅠㅠ

6. [+81][-7] The perks of having broad shoulders+cool body..
Out of all the outfits Exo wear for Exolution, there was this one outfit that looked really big. So I asked whose outfit was it, and turned out it was Sehun's.. The amazing part is, maybe the outfit was too small for him that they actually had to resize his outfit.. I'm dying..

7. [+74][-14] The king of having broad shoulders..

8. [+70][-9] Oh Sehun..

9. [+67][-1] Daeguni (Leo) legs are really long.. Well, all of male idols have a really long legs.. 
Fans measuring Leo's body proportions according to the sofa. 
Calves:Thighs = 1:1
Upper body:Legs= 1:2

10. [+61][-1] Leo..