Friday, January 6, 2017

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The importance of hairstyles for male idols

B1A4's CNU

He used to get a lot of hate for his looks during this era

But now, he has become someone who's inhumanly handsome after taking off his glasses + growing out his hair and fringesㅠㅠㅠㅠ He has been going through a lot with that weird hair + glasses, from his debut until Lonely era to be exact. Just look at him from April 2011 to 2013..

VIXX's Hongbin
His hair overshadowed his beautiful face. He even got a nickname because of this hair, it was 'The uprising of a peasant'.. Fans were trying really hard to be positive during that era by thinking saying 'Since he originally has a really handsome face, his hair doesn't really affect his looks!'

He looks really handsome in the first picture, but you'll get to realize how inhumanly-handsome he actually is by seeing the second picture.. Why did his company tell him to grow out his hair! 

Block B's Zico
It's really that Zico you guys usually see on TV..
Anyway, what's wrong with his eyebrows..

I personally think he looks really cool in this picture.. The whole 'Freeze' era was... umm.. umm..
The next era, Tell Them, was really cute and fresh, I'm actually fine with it because Zico finally got to let go of that pinneaple hair..

BTS' Rap Monster
Is this that 'Michael' hairstyle..?

I actually find him really handsome with his hair down like this..

Please leave comments below if I have missed some male idols who proved the importance of hairstyles..

For female idols, I would say Oh My Girl's JinE is the good example of this.. She became a Goddess after cutting his hair and removing her bangs>ㅅ<


1. [+166][-3] I remember I was watching MyDol one day and I thought to myself 'What's wrong with Hongbin's hair'.. But then he came up while covering his hair with his hoodie and he looked so freaking handsome..

2. [+143][-5] Hongbin turned from a peasant into a king nowㅋㅋㅋ

3. [+137][-5] I actually liked this hairstyle as well.. 

4. [+95][-2] It really shocked me to know that they actually went to salon to get their hair done like this..

5. [+87][-1] He's so freaking handsome..

6. [+81][-1] I'm going crazy..

7. [+75][-1] Hongbin's visual is driving me crazy..

8. [+73][-0] I knew Hongbin would be in this list.. He actually looked like Japanese Flower Boy in the 2000s if his company just let him take care of his hair, but they decided to make him look funny by messing with his bangs... Kong-ah.. We still love you, no matter what, anyway..

9. [+62][-0] When I first saw VIXX's debut stage, I thought they had an ahjumma (middle aged woman) as one of their members.. Hongbin-ah, don't ever do your hair like that again.. Just rebel against your company if they told you to have some weird hairstyles.. 

10. [+60][-0] Ugh.. Lee Hongbin.. You're driving me crazy..