Saturday, January 7, 2017

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The type of body that men doesn't like

남자들이 너무 싫어하는 몸매 | 인스티즈
남자들이 너무 싫어하는 몸매 | 인스티즈
남자들이 너무 싫어하는 몸매 | 인스티즈
남자들이 너무 싫어하는 몸매 | 인스티즈

-She looks beautifulㅜㅜ She has a light skin-tone and she looks delicate..

-She looks like bunny jumping here and there.. She's cute..

-Her body looks fine, though..?

-I thought I would see my body in this post..^^

-I like it, though..?

-I don't think so!! Even women love this type of body!!

-She's really popular in male-dominated sites, though..?

-She didn't debut to impress men with her body..

-What do you mean..? Because she's skinny..?


-Hul.. She has a great body..

-What's with that dress.. It looks risky..

-Hul.. She looks cute, what's her name?

-I think I've seen her somewhere but I can't remember her name..

-The dress is too short..

-She looks amazing.. Eventhough her dress is too short..

-Whoa~~ Of course~~

-Isn't she from CLC? Her face, her figure, everything about her is totally my type..

-I want to live at least a day with that type of body..ㅠㅠ

-Why, though..?


-I don't care if men like it or not, she looks beautiful to me..

-What do you mean? I remember the whole male-dominated sites were head over heels for her..