Saturday, December 31, 2016

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The sight of Seolhyun having her eyes glued on Park Bogum's face

She can't resist his handsomeness..

박보검을 바라보는 설현의 끈적한 눈빛.jpg | 인스티즈
박보검을 바라보는 설현의 끈적한 눈빛.jpg | 인스티즈

-That's just a beautiful woman staring at a handsome man..

-She stared at him because he was talking..


-I don't think she was staring at his face.. She was staring at the microphone..

-Isn't that her habit?? Staring at the person's face when that person is talking..

-?? Her eyes weren't glued on his face..

-What's wrong with the title?

-Seolhyun is so freaking freaking freaking pretty..

-I don't care whether her eyes were glued on his face or not, she looks so pretty I want to kneel in front of her..

-Wow.. Staring at someone's face is something to get dissed at?

-That's just because he was talking.. Can't she even look at him?


-Whoa.. She looks beautiful, she reminds me of a mermaid..

-I would stare at him like that if I was Seolhyun..

-I don't care.. All I care is just how handsome Park Bogum is..

-Seolhyun looks like Lee Sumin!

-Whoa.. Park Bogum is a wall..

-Kim Seolhyun has a habit of staring at a person's lips when that person is talking..

-Seolhyun is beautiful..

-She's looking at him with a very sweet gaze.. Why am I the one who feels shy?

-Hul.. Park Bogum is really handsome..

-Whoa.. Park Bogum..