Saturday, December 31, 2016

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Idols who obtained their singing skills from work hard and effort

I'm not really into girlgroups, I don't know much about them.

For male idols, I think it's SHINee's Taemin, Beast's Son Dongwoon, Infinite's L, BAP's Jongup and VIXX's Hyuk.

Five of them got hated a lot because of their singing skills during their early debut days. But their skills improved a lot as the time passed by. It took Taemin and Dongwoon around 1~2 years, and for L, Jongup, and Hyuk, it took them around 3 years?

They all admitted that they've been practicing really hard for their singing skills, even in the middle of their busy schedules. It's really nice to know that and see them improving. 

I hope those idols who still get hate because of their singing skills right now would at least put some effort and improve just like the five that I mentioned earlier.

Here's the picture of the cool and hard-working five men I mentioned above:


1. [+72][-7] I remember choking up on my tears when Dongni appeared in King of Mask Singer and got a lot of praises for his singing..ㅠㅠ

2. [+65][-9] Our Jongupㅜㅜ He's the dancer but now, he's even good at singing!

3. [+63][-8] Jongup really improved a lot..ㅜㅜ The song that he produced, 'Now', even made it to their album.. Daehyun helped him a lot, and Jongup himself worked hard and put his everything to it. I'm sure the other four idols you mentioned also did the same.  Thanks for mentioning Jongup!

4. [+32][-6] Infinite's Hoya. He dropped out of high school for dancing, and now he's known as the King of Dancing. He has never tried to rap before his company told him to, and now he's the rapper of the group. The song for Hip Hop unit that he produced himself, won #1. He has a Youtube channel where he uploads songs that he produces, the ID is 'RealHoya', his songs are produced with good qualities. The producers call him 'Cider' (A Coke brand from Korea) because he always finishes the recording really fast and perfectly. He's really skilled until the point where the other members ask him to teach him, just like how trainees learn from their teachers. He practices everyday, even in Christmas day or Chuseok. Even in the middle of his busy overseas schedule, he still goes to the studio to dance until dawn. He's known as the practice-bug. 

5. [+29][-2] Ddongwoonie.. The maknae that his hyungs and his fans are proud ofㅜㅜ

6. [+29][-3] Jongup has improved a lot!!! He gets more parts than he used to back then, he can even pull out the main vocal a.k.a Daehyun's part really well! He really has improved a lotㅎㅎ

7. [+29][-2] Dongwoon and Taemin are the first one that come up in my mind as soon as I read the title..

8. [+27][-3] Jongup can even sing the main vocal's parts and some solo songs right now!

9. [+26][-3] Thank you for mentioning Jongup!! I really love his vocal colorㅠㅠ I stanned him after listening to the song he produced himself, the title is 'Now'!!

10. [+26][-2] My whole family and I screamed when L appeared on King of Mask Singer.. We were like 'Is he a real human..?'.. I saved this gif because he looks really handsome in it..ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ