Saturday, December 31, 2016

Happy new year!!! 2017 is happening!!

Hello everyone, this is Pannatic's admin.

First of all, happy new year!!
Thank you for sticking by for the past months despite all of the imperfections I've shown. This year was totally great for me. I started the blog on April this year (out of boredom, and to improve my Korean skills) and I'm really happy to see how it got lots of nice reactions from you guys! Things weren't always smooth, but some of you supported me through it all *lol at me being dramatic i caNT HELP IT:((* aaaaand I'm really grateful for that! I really appreciate all of the interests you've guys shown to this blog, the comments, the retweets, everything!

Im sorry if I have offended you in some way. Or if I've reported or block you and your tweets (probably bc you sent me hate tweets about the groups/posts in my tweets) or if your comments are deleted/disappeared/flagged/counted as spam or whatever it is.. i'm really sorry idk how disqus works but I'm starting to get the hang of it. Or also if there were any mistranslations:( I usually double-check my posts before uploading it, but that doesn't guarantee that my posts are always 100% mistranslations free.

What kind of improvement do you see want to see in this blog for the next year? *geez so cheesy* I'll take any advices/criticism/questions, so just leave it in the comment section!

++I only have a few months left before the national exam, so I probably won't post as much as I used to but I'll try my best to! Wish me luck ; u ; ++

Once again, happy new year!
And have a great day to start off 2017!!

PS: It': already 2017 in where I'm at right now! Spent the last hour of 2016 writing this post and trying nnot to sound cheesy dramatic and stuffs lol.