Wednesday, December 21, 2016

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The female trainee that Yang Hyunsuk wants to cast even if he had to pay for it

양현석이 위약금 주고서라도 영입하고 싶어하는 크리샤츄 | 인스티즈 
양현석이 위약금 주고서라도 영입하고 싶어하는 크리샤츄 | 인스티즈 
'I want to meet the CEO of your company'

-Just take care of your current singers better..

-She looks like Son Yunjae in the first gif..

-That company must be feeling really anxious right nowㅋㅋ I bet they're scared that they might lose that girl, but she probably wants to go to YGㅋㅋㅋ

-You're going to take her and lock her up in your dungeon?

-Well.. No wonder why he wants to take her to YG..

-He's probably going to take her to YG, act as if she was one of his treasure, and never let her debut..

-Whoa.. Anyway, she's really pretty..

-Treat your current singers better..

-She's pretty and talented, no wonder why he wants to take her to YG. But she's too perfect to be locked up in YG's dungeon..

-Please.. Hyunsuk-ah..

-She looks like the type that SM really likes.. She kinda looks like NCT's Winwin..

-Well.. You're probably just going to hide her from public if you ever get to take her to YG..

-To the girl's CEO Company: Don't ever dare to meet Yang Hyunsuk..

-I personally think she's the female version of Im Siwan.. She's beautiful..

-Yang Hyunsuk, please shut your mouth..
-Don't go to YG, please..
-Is YG a black hole? People can't get out from there once they enter it..
-Whoa.. She's totally my type..
-There he goes again, being greedy!!
-Hyunsuk.. This is no longer funny..
-Look at my username if you have time.. (Username: YGMinusYangHyunSuk=Happiness)