Wednesday, December 21, 2016


Is Kim Goeun considered as ugly?

Kids at my school were talking about Kim Goeun today.
I was really shocked when I heard their converstations..
They talked about how ugly Kim Goeun is, or about how big her face is.. They wondered why do her eyes look like that.. It was just like how converstations in anti-cafes usually talk about..
So I defended her by saying that Kim Goeun is pretty, she also has a really nice skin.. But I got cursed at as soon as I said thatㅠㅠㅠ 
Kids around me consider Kim Goeun ugly, but I just can't bring myself to agree. I'm not the weird one here, right? Isn't it too mean to say that Kim Goeun is so f*cking ugly? She looks pretty in my eyes, though..


1. [+310][-149] I bet the ones who talk like that are the ones who into celebrities who got a lot of work done on their faces.. That's why they can see the beauty in Kim Goeun's natural face..

2. [+274][-168] Out of people who say that Kim Goeun is ugly, I've never seen any of them who actually looks prettier than Kim Goeun..

3. [+233][-75] Goeun unnie..<3

4. [+113][-7] Well, she's not that pretty but I have to admit that she looks charming..? To those who say that she's f*cking ugly, you should take a look in the mirror..

5. [+97][-5] Kim Goeun, Ryu Junyeol.. To be honest, they're not considered as 'good-looking'.. They look charming in their own ways..

6. [+85][-21] She has a really pretty forehead.. She's almost bare-faced in every scenes in Goblin, that's considered as pretty..

7. [+72][-14] Her face is not the type of face that makes people go 'Whoa.. She's so freaking pretty', but it's true that she's a natural beauty who looks prettiest when she smiles..

8. [+58][-8] She's not that pretty but she has a really nice face shape, her skin is also nice.. She's just, charming in her own wayㅋㅋㅋ To be honest, no celebrities can look as pretty as her without heavy make-up..

9. [+53][-2] First of all, I don't think her face is big.. And people has their own preferences or beauty standards.. I like celebrities like Lee Minjeong or Kim Taehee, so I'm not really into her..

10. [+38][-9] Honestly, if I was a man and I met her in real life.. I would fall for her.. She looks really pretty when she smiles, you can't help but fall for her the more you look at her smile..