Wednesday, October 12, 2016

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Top 4 male idols who will remind you of your first love

1. Got7's Jinyoung

This gif will make you no longer question why did he get the title 'Male version of Suzy'

The type of guy who would ask whether if you feel sleepy in a boring biology class and talk to you for the whole periode so you won't get bored. Also the type of guy who never fails to make your face gets red.

This is a gif of him attending his high school graduation ceremony..

2. Seventeen's Wonwoo
*claps claps* Here we have the man that only exists in your hallucinations!

A lot of people says that Dokyeom also radiates the same first love vibes, but I personally think he suits the title more.. He reminds me of a senior that I had a crush on back then, he was in the basketball team.

And I think this is how it feels like to steal glances at your crush in the bus during your school trip.

3. Exo's D.O

Do you remember, Kyungsoo-ya..? That time when we skipped class and had a converstation in the hallway together, but I was the only one who got punished..

Jinyoung reminds me of winter, while Kyungsoo reminds me of summer.

I really like this gif of him riding a bike..

4. Nam Woohyun

Him wearing uniform was the only reason why I watched High School Love on, which was childish and not my type of drama at all..

Yes.. I do remember.. That time when we spray water at each other as a joke after P.E class ended..

Hey.. Hello.. Do you remember all of the memories we both made in the summer?


1. [+74][-0] Shin Woohyun Oppa!ㅠㅠ

2. [+71][-0] I know right.. He has this special place inside my mindㅠㅠ

3. [+68][-0] I can't stop thinking about him againㅠㅠ He looks like your first love who's in sport major..ㅠㅠ He's that guy you like who's in the football team, the best striker in his teamㅠㅠ

4. [+36][-0] He really suits to be a teacher.. or maybe a student president..?

5. [+35][-1] Nam Woohyun reminds me of that guy in the football team that I had a crush on.. who never actually existed in my life..

6. [+30][-0] Memories.. o<-<

7. [+29][-0] He really reminds me of my first love..

8. [+28][-0] I can sense that you're Infinite's fan from the way how you explain him..

9. [+25][-2] He looks like that captain of your school's football team who has a big popularityㅠㅠㅠ Shin Woohyun, I love youㅠ<3

10. [+22][-1] Jinyoung-ah.. Remember how you always ask me to apply lipbalm on your lips whenever you see me applying lipbalm on my lips..?