Saturday, September 24, 2016

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Top 5 choreographies that would be impossible to be done in 2x faster speed

5. Teen Top's Rocking
The footsteps in this dance is really hard and fast.. Even kids who are good at dancing would find it difficult to dance it in faster speedㅋㅋㅋ

4. Black Pink's Boombayah
Black Pink is really popular these days and I often see their stages on music shows, which leads me to try to learn their choreography, but it's so freaking hard.. It's already hard for me to dance in normal speed, I think I would pass out if I have to dance it in  faster speed..

3. GFriend's Navillera
This choreography requires a lot of spinning, it would be so dizzy to dance it in a faster speed.. I really respect GFriend for being able to dance this in  faster speed..

2. BTS' Fire
Bangtan is famous for being synchronized when it comes to dancing.. I remember breaking out into cold sweats when I first saw the choreography for this song.. Especially the moves in 3:33.. No one can do it in faster speed unless if they have a machine attached to their legs..

1. Infinite's The Chaser
I really respect Infiniteㅠㅠ They're attacking my heart with their outstanding dancing skillsㅠㅠ This is really impossible to be done in faster speed..


1. [+193][-2] The choreography to The Chaser have this hard footsteps especially in the chorus part, it would be really difficult to dance it in 2x speed..

2. [+174][-1] Our kids will pass out if they have to dance Bad or Typhoon in faster speed.. I've seen a fan-made video of Bad choreography in faster speed.. It's not something that a human can do.. *shakes head*

3. [+162][-1] Isn't that Scorpion dance will be the most difficult one..?

4. [+70][-0] It would be really amazing if they can do this in faster speed..

5. [+60][-0] I've seen Infinite dancing to Be Mine in faster speed and it was really amazing!!! Wow!!!!

6. [+58][-0] I'm a person who loves to dance but Infinite's choreographies..are so freaking hardㅠㅠ

7. [+51][-1] I'm not an Infinite's fan but I have to admit that their dancing skills are so cool..

8. [+48][-0] Infinite is.. really unbeatable..

9. [+44][-0] Infinite and Teen Top have the most difficult choreographies ever..

10. [+42][-1] I thought Teen Top's Rocking would be ranked first.. But I have to admit that Infinite's The Chaser is really amazing!!