Thursday, September 1, 2016

One of the things that people with weak hearts can't do

Not accepting flyers that are distributed in the streets.

'You can just walk past them and ignore it, though?'
There are some people who just can't understand it..

There are some people who just can't ignore and walk past those people who are handing the flyers diligently.. The sight of them working so hard will hit them right in their hearts..
 for example: me.

Eventhough I will throw it away in the end, I never ignore them and always take the flyers..ㅠㅠ
Because I know the pain of being rejected..

-I just can't ignore them and reject the flyers..

-For me, I usually just greet them and walk away..

-I usually take more then one flyers.. So they can finish their job and go home early..

-Me tooㅠㅠ That's why my friends scold me in daily basis..

-How could you ignore them...

-I can't even throw it away.. I always take it homeㅠㅠ

-It's somewhat.. very sad..

-I know that you only get to go home if you've finished distributing all the flyers, because I worked like that before, that's why I never ignore those people and take more flyers than they supposed to give me..

-I always take them, eventhough I will throw it away once I get home..

-I don't take them if I have something in both of my hands..

-I usually take it if they hand me one, read it, and fold it then put it into my bag.. There's nothing bad with accepting a paper!

-Back then, I don't even look at them and just walk straight forward.. But these days, I take them.. Because I know it can be a help for them..

-I just look at them and greet them using my eyes or by bowing my head.. It's just a trash, everyone..

-I usually walk past them and say 'No, thank you~'..

-I take them while thinking 'They will get to go home early if I take this'.. There are a lot of grandmothers who work as flyers distributor nowadaysㅠㅠ

-I know they will only get to go home once they finish distributing all of those flyers.. I can't reject it, especially if the ones who distributing it are grandmothers..

-I don't take them.. My friends would always tell me to take it and make a big fuss of it but I don't take them.

-Hul.. I should take them from now on..

-That's me.. There's nothing bad with accepting a paper...