Saturday, September 17, 2016

Being popular among people with the same gender as you vs opposite gender

1. Have a large popularity among people with the same gender as you.
They will turn their heads and go 'whoa, s/he's so good-looking..' whenever you pass by, and that would be something that happen to you everyday. But, you rarely get any contacts from opposite gender, around once in 8 months..? or maybe not at all. Eventhough you'll get texts or calls, it would be from the same person over and over again.

2. Have a large popularity among people from the opposite gender.
You will get praise for your looks no matter where you go, even from people you don't know, or people who you pass by on the streets. They will ask to be introduced to you and you get contacts from them everyday. But people who are the same gender with you will talk behind your back an label you as a 'fox' or 'casanova'



-I like number 1.. I'm not interested in men..ㅎㅎ

-#1.. I want to be friends with nice girls..

-#2.. It's kind of shocking to see a lot of people prefer #1 more than #2..

-#2.. Because #1 is what happening to me these days..

-#1.. I'm not interested in dating.. Not now..

-#1.. Because when girls call you pretty, it means that you're really pretty..

-#1.. I'm fine with having no boyfriend, but I would be so lonely if I don't have any friends..

-#1.. I can date pretty girls..?

-#1.. I prefer having a lot of friends..

-#1.. I'm not interested in men, I don't have any thoughts to get married and I hope men will just see me as an invisible woman..

-#1.. Girls are so scary when they talk behind your back..

-#1.. I don't want to get labeled as 'fox'..

-#1.. Because if you're popular among people with the same gender as you, you're automatically popular among people with the opposite gender as well. For example: Kim Doyeon!!

-They both look so pretty, I couldn't fight the urge to not save the pictures.. Anyway, I like my life and condition right now..

-It's like deciding between friendship and love?!!? Friendship, for me!

-#1.. I only need one man..

-Popular among men..? Not all of men are nice.. I prefer #1..

-#1.. Pretty girls around me are always being disturbed by weird men..

-#1.. It would be much comfortable to live that way..

-Not both..

-#1.. It would be uncomfortable to live like #2..

-#1.. It's so tiring to live like the second option, and I don't want to get hated for no clear reasons like that..

-#1.. I'm gonna date girls then..

-#1 is what happening to me.. And everyone around me is busy falling in love, except for me..

-#2.. They will spread false rumours anyway.. I want to know how it feels like to be popular among guys..

-#1 is what happening to me and I'm so tired of hearing questions like 'Why aren't you dating anyone?' 'Why don't you have a boyfriend?' etc.. So I prefer #2..

-#1.. I'm afraid of men..

-I used to think that #1 is the best, but now that I'm growing up and getting old, I prefer #2..

-#1.. Girlcrushes are the best..

-#1.. I can date girls, the end..

-#1.. I'm not going to get marriedㅠㅠ

-#1.. I like girls more than boys..

-I like #1.. But I want to be #2 as well.. There are no men around me..

-#1.. I want to be a celebrity who's popular among girls..

-#1.. Men aren't everything.. Haha..