Sunday, August 14, 2016


Infinity Challenge experiences a racial discrimination in L.A

(look at the person behind Junha)

-Uh.. I didn't notice it when I watched it earlier.. Look at what the person behind Junha is doing..

-Hul.. What is that..

-Why is he doing that..

-Why is he acting like that..

-Ah.. I really hate it, seriously..

-He should get his fingers broken in order to get his right mind back..

-He's such an embarassment to his own country..

-I thought he was just doing a V pose..

-Do you want to die?

-There's always at least a kid who acts like that..

-I want to slap him..^^

-lol his hair looks like a helmet!!

-I'm so upset.. There are a lot of thoughtless people like him in this world..

-He's embarassing his own country in a proper way.. Good job..

-He dares to do that when he, himself, is ugly?

-Such an ignorant young man..

-He's so pathetic..ㅋㅋ

-His actions show what kind of person he actually is..