Wednesday, August 10, 2016

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A lot of people can relate to this side of Taeyeon

TY: "I don't like being alone but I want to be alone.."

I can relate to this.. I hate being left alone but I want to be left alone at the same time..

-This is so me..

-Hul.. Me too..

-Hmm.. How should I put this into words.. I don't like being left alone, but I don't like being bothered either..

-Me too.. I feel so lonely whenever I see my friends hanging out together, I always think to myself that I want to play with them but at the same time I wish they would leave me alone.. 

-That's meㅜㅜ I really hate being alone, but I can't help it.. I just want to be alone..

-I used to feel that way but I don't anymore.. I just stay at home for the whole day now.. I don't even want to meet people..

-I hate being alone, but being alone is seriously the best..

-Hanging out with friends is the best thing in the world, but I'm just too lazy..

-I like playing with my friends but I'm too lazy to step out from my house..

-I really like being alone but when I'm alone, I always feel lonely.. But still, I really hate it when someone comes to me when I'm alone..

-I know that this is selfish but it's just me.. I really hate being alone but at the same time I don't put any effort to not being alone..

-Me these days..

-I like playing with my friends but I'm just too lazy and it tires me..

-And this is how I became a loner..

-I can relate to this..