Sunday, July 24, 2016

Compilations of Oh Boy's pictorials that have Lolita feelings in it



Goo Hara

Heo Gayoon



Jung Somin



-I first thought that it's not that bad but it really is that bad after I finished reading this post..

-They all look similar.. The only thing that's different is the model.. They always do the same pose, and the same concept..

-Hul.. I liked Oh Boy though..

-Hul.. It really has Lolita feelings in it.. I didn't realize this..

-It's my first time seeing those pictures of them pulling up their skirts..

-I didn't realize this but it's kind of ambiguous..

-It's because Lolita is an issue right now.. I only thought that it looked pretty when I first saw these back thenㅠㅠ

-I don't know if it's considered as Lolita but the pictures aren't my style..

-I knew this from a long time ago..

-But since they're pretty, people just let it go..

-The way they pose while pulling up their skirts is a little bit wrong..

-I knew this.. They're always doing a concept like that.. Staring blankly at nothing while holding a doll and wearing one pieces..

-They're all fine except the ones who pull up their skirts..

-Now that you compiled it in a post, I can see it..