Sunday, July 31, 2016

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Around 80% of netizens agree that Suzy has the top visuals among the other female idols

Everyone has different opinion and taste in visuals or look..
But most of people will agree if I say that her visual is considered as a top-tier in the industry

-Ah.. really? For me, it's Yoona..

-I personally think that Irene is the prettiest female idol ever..

-Agree.. She looks so likeable and pretty..

-I can relate to this.. I never got tired of seeing her face no matter how much I've seen it before..

-Agree.. She's so pretty..

-For me, it's Taeyeon..

-Agree.. She looks prettier the more you stare at her face..

-Agree.. She's so likeable and pretty that's why I always feel nice whenever I seeher..

-Agree. But I personally think that Sulli is also one of the prettiest idols ever..



-It's actually Sulli, Yoona, and Krystal.. But in my opinion, it's Taeyeon and IU..

-Ah.. I thought I would see TOP in this article..

-For me, it's Yoona and Tzuyu...

-Not the top visual but I think she would make it to the list of 10 prettiest female idols..

-It's true that she's one of the top-tiers but not the top one.. But her visual is crazy enough to make people go 'Huk' when they see her face..

-It's Sulli in my eyes.. If I had to pick one between Yoona, Sulli, and Suzy, I would pick Jinri..

-Maybe I'm one of the 20%..

-Honestly, I have to agree to this..

-I agree.. Suzy is the best..

-Suzy-yaㅠㅠㅠㅠ You're the prettiest person alive in this worldㅠㅠㅠ