Wednesday, July 13, 2016

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Another past picture of Jung Chaeyeon surfaced online

The MC pulls out Chaeyeon's past picture and the subtitle was 'Who's this?'
Chaeyeon reveals that she weighed more than 64kg when that picture was taken, and now she's around 48~49kg. They suddenly asked about her double eyelids as the subtitle showed as 'Unexpected coming out'. Chaeyeon was taken aback and asked 'Can I reveal this?' then admits that her double eyelids formed when she was in junior high school.

(She admits that she got her nose done but not her eyes)

-I see..

-But the plastic surgery really did come out well..

-Didn't she also got her eyes done?

-I hope they don't ask things like these anymore..

-She probably didn't want to talk about this.. *sighs*

-I think she didn't want to talk about this and hoped this rumor to be buried forever.. These people are being too mean..

-Those people are so mean.. Are they that jealous of her?

-She wouldn't have lied if they didn't ask that question in the first place..

-How could you know she got her eyes done just by judging from a picture?

-Hul.. Look at her swollen eyes.. It's true that she got her eyes done..

-Whoa.. but that show has really crossed the lines.. If it was me, I would run outside the studio once they talk about my pastㅠㅠㅠ

-Eventhough she got parts of her face done it shouldn't be a big matter as long as it turned out well and pretty..

-Whoa.. Her friends who revealed her past pictures are so mean..

-...? She said she didn't get her eyes done, why do people act like they know everything and accused her lying? She admitted that she got her nose done, if she got her eyes done then I'm sure she would have mentioned it as well..

-Your eyes usually will get swollen as well if you got your nose done.. She said she didn't got her eyes done so please stop it..

-You can see clearly that she got her eyes done.. Look at that swollen eyes..ㅋㅋㅋㅋ

-Having some part of her face done is not a crime.. But I think it's better for her to reveal it..