Tuesday, June 28, 2016

My daughter is pregnant.. What should I do?

I'm just an average mother who's in 50s and my daughter is 15 years old and into her 2nd year of junior high school this year.
My daughter told me she got herself a boyfriend, so I give her money to spend with her boyfriend and I always give him snacks whenever he comes to our house. They seem to hang out in a healthy and nice way. They always come home before 11pm.
I trust her boyfriend so much, especially because of the fact that he's the same age with my daughter.
And his parents seem to be a nice person..
But one day, my daughter came home and told me that she's pregnant..
I was very angry and felt betrayed..
My daughter is still 15 years old.. She's still young..
Seeing her born, going to kindergarten, graduating from elementary school, enrolling to a junior high school.. It felt like it was just yesterday.. What kind of joke is this..
I asked her if she used any protection, I tried to be as calm as I could.
She answered that she did and apologized to me.. She was sobbing and crying..
My heart is breaking.. It's barely a month since they dated..
How could a 8th grader.. Who hasn't even dated for years.. They haven't even dated for a month..
My daughter told me that she's going to give birth to her baby.
And her boyfriend also apologized to me and said that he will be responsible to this..
But what can a 15 years old do in this situation?
There's a possibility they might regret this in 10 years..
I don't know if I should let her to have her baby.. I don't know if I can trust her boyfriend either..
It's really hard to take care of a baby.. Especially in that young age.. What should I do?

-If she's 15 years old that means she's still in 8th grade..

-If I was her mother, I wouldn't let her have the baby..
  -Agree.. I would be really sorry but my daughter's life is more important..
  -Me too.. I can understand if she was a little bit older.. But 15 years old is too young..

-15 years old is too young for this..

-Whoa.. Her daughter said she's going to have the baby? Will a 8th grader able to be responsible to her own baby?  If she's 15 years old that means it's only been 2 years since she graduated from elementary school.. In the end, the mother will be the one who's going to take care of her baby..

-This is not an easy thing to take care of.. Even for adults..

-Responsible.. You can't just say it easily, though.. I think it's right to not have the baby..

-Even if he said he's going to take the responsibility.. I doubt he can and it's right to not have the baby..

-She's not even 18 or 19 years old.. But a 15 years old..

-Aigo.. They're barely in 8th grader, how could they take a responsibility of this?

-Will she raise her daughter by herself if she decided to have it? Of course her parents will be the one who will raise her baby..

-Raising a baby means taking care of it with her own effort and money..

-If I was her mom I wouldn't let her have the baby..

-Honestly, it's right for her not to have the baby.. In the end, that baby will have a hard time as well..