Thursday, June 16, 2016

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Jiyeon uploads her picture wearing a loose Rash Guard

-Hul.. It's too big on her..

-I was surprised when I saw this.. Isn't Rash Guard supposed to be tight?ㅠㅠ Jiyeon-ahㅠㅠ

-Whoa.. She's really skinny..

-Hul.. But she look pretty..

-Her waist..ㅜㅜ

-ㄷㄷㄷJiyeon-ah, please eat a lotㅠㅠ

-Her face is really small and she's really skinny..

-Whoa.. It will be hard for me to fit in that..

-Imagine how skinny she is..ㄷㄷ

-It looks like me wearing my dad's shirt..

-Ah.. My tummy, close your eyes..

-She's too skinnyㅠㅠ

-She doesn't have anything beside than bones..

-Her body is to die for..

-I saw her in real life and she's really skinny..!

-Is that even possible?