Sunday, June 19, 2016

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Groups who scored over 10,000 in Inkigayo


-Beast, I love you<3

-And those songs are really good..<3 I really like Good Luck<3

-Beast, I'm so proud of you<3

-Whoa.. Trouble Maker..

-Exo lost to Exo.........

-Hul.. Exo didn't get to win the first place..? Because of Exo... Too bad...

-Beast.. Trouble Maker.. Amazing..

-Everyone is so cool...

-Trouble Maker was an amazing group.. 

-Exo won over Exo!!

-I'm so jealous.. I wish I can add BTS to this list too..

-Trouble Maker was a legend..

-Bigbang and Wonder Girls were on the same stageㅜㅜ

-Congrats, Exo<3