Sunday, May 8, 2016

First Monthversary!

Hello, everyone!
It's been a month since I decided to open this blog. It's only been a month, I know. But I just want to tell you how thankful I am. sobs. jk. So firstly, thank you for enjoying my blog all this time. I know I'm not as good as the other translations sites and that I'm still lacking in a lot perspections, for example, my grammars which.. is just trash, and there are some days where I really don't feel like uploading, I'm sorry, I'll try to improve from now on. Oh, and please keep in mind that I don't really translate hate posts. I only take the requested ones (yes, you can request hate posts) and comments that haven't crossed the lines. Also, there are some of you who requested me an article that didn't have much comments. I'm not taking that kind of articles because..there's just no comments to translate..?

So tell me what do you think about this blog! Any advices or crictism, I'll take both. You can comment it down below.

And one thing that I want to tell you, I have already made a twitter account for this blog, it's @pannatic. (also thank you to those who shared the link of my blog in twitter, OH, and another forums!)

Have a nice day everyone!