Friday, July 19, 2019

Why does no one make a big deal out of NHE?

I'm sure you guys probably have seen some videos of this youtuber who has been constantly posting dance covers on her channel, NHE.
If people made such a big deal out of the latest Baskin Robbins ad, I seriously don't understand why none of them think this is a big deal 

She usually wears pants for male idols dance cover and skirts for female idols dance cover, just like what she did when she performed in an award ceremony.
They're dressing this primary school student in short dresses and even putting on make up on her face...

She even wears a leather strap/harness for some videos...

In case some of you don't know who is she, I'm posting her Instagram post here. You can clearly see that she has make up on, right?

This is the most shocking thing (I wrote this post because of this).
The fact that a young girl wants to look like someone who's already in their 20s, the fact that she already judges her own appearance. I don't think this is right.

And in her M/V you can see her singing in a bar about how she's different from the other girls, wearing adult clothing and thick make up.
If this is not Loli then I don't know what is.
Why is none of you making a big deal out of this?


1. [+128][-7] It weirds me out to see young kids wearing adult clothing, make up, and dancing to idols choreography like that... I know it's none of their faults, society is the one to blame here but I think this is quite a big deal...

2. [+99][-8] Her solo song made a huge controversy back then! It's because of the lyrics, the M/V, and the outfits she wore. Some people think negatively of her since then, they're wondering why she wears clothes that don't suit her age...

3. [+72][-99] Think about it, every girl must have wanted or even actually tried their mom's lipsticks or worn their mom's heels when they were younger, right? Elementary students these days know what trends are, they want to look like the pretty older girls they see on TV, dance like them, and stuffs. 

4. [+51][-4] The problem in that Baskin Robbins ad wasn't about the mature clothing and make up, it's because people think that the ad consists of sexual messages. It's not a big problem for young girls to wear mature clothing and dance to idols songs. I actually haven't watched the ad so I don't really know, but judging from the screen captures I don't think it consists of some sexual gestures and message. Please learn and understand more about Loli before you randomly use it. Just because she wears make up and clothes that don't suit her age, doesn't mean you can accuse her of being Loli...

5. [+34][-0] I don't like her MV as well... There's this young boy who's offering her a drink in that bar and stuffsㅋㅋ;;