Saturday, May 18, 2019

Jung Daeun from Ulzzang Shidae is reported to have done drugs

'I wonder when will he be released from the jail...ㅠ'
-What are you talking about?
-He's in jail for using drugs
-Hul, really??
-For real?

I saw this from an article on Naver. It seems like drugs are widely spread in our country.

-Whoa, this is unbelievable... I'm getting goosebumps...

-Unbelievable... No wonder why he has been so quiet on his social media account...

-Can someone tell me his Instagram username?

-You can actually make your own drugs, so you don't have to get it shipped from overseas or anything like that...

-Frankly speaking, it's because it's really easy to purchase drugs lately...

-Is he a transgender...? He looks totally like a man right now...

-Is this even real?

-There are a lot of people doing drugs right now. I heard that there's this community in my neighborhood who would gather up and do drugs together.

-He's handsome

-I wonder if he's in jail for women or jail for men...? I'm suddenly curious...
 ㄴHe didn't go through any surgery, he just got hormone injections which make him look like a man based on his appearances. I'm sure he's in jail for women.