Monday, April 15, 2019

Successful idol sub-units

Super Junior T

Original group: Super Junior
Sub-unit debut date: 2007.2.23
Representative song: Rokugo

The first trot sub-unit

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Orange Caramel

Original group: After School
Sub-unit debut date: 2010.6.17
Representative songs: Magic Girl, Bangkok City, Aing~, Shanghai Romance, Lipstick, Catallena, etc

The sub-unit that's even more successful than the original group itself

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GD & Top

Original group: Bigbang
Sub-unit debut date: 2010.12.24
Representative songs: High High, Knock Out, Oh Yeah, Don't Go Home, Zutter

The sub-unit debuted in 2010, but the first song of this unit, We Belong Together, was released on August 19 2006

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Sistar 19

Original Group: Sista
Sub-unit debut date: 2011.5.13
Representative songs: Ma Boy, Gone Not Around Any Longer, etc

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Original group: SNSD
Representative song: Twinkle

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GD x Taeyang

Sub-unit debut date: 2014.11.21
Representative song: Good Boy
The oldest sub-unit to ever exist. The first song of this sub-unit was released on 2002 in YG Family's 2nd album, called 'To That Higher Place'

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EXO-CBX (ChanBaekXi)

Original group: EXO
Sub-unit debut date: 2016.10.31
Representative songs: Hey Mama!, Blooming Day

They may not have as much public recognition as the other sub-units mentioned above, but they're the currently most active and have the biggest fandom here

-Nu'est W...

-VIXX LR has great songs as well...

-Infinite H...

-Whoa, I had no idea Rokugo was actually a song from a sub-unit...

-Boo Seok Soon...ㅎㅎㅎ

-TaeTiSeo has a lot of representative songs like Twinkle, Holler, etc...

-TaeTiSeo's Adrenaline is a really great song...

-I think it's rude to say that Orange Caramel is more successful than their original group, After School... After School was really successful as well...

-VIXX LR will always be number one in my heart...

-I miss TaeTiSeoㅠㅠ All of the songs that they have released are legendary...

-Please add Toheart to this list tooㅠㅠ

-I love that sub-unit from Infinite as well! I don't really remember the name, though...

-Super Junior has a lot of sub-units and they're just as successful as Super Junior T! There are Super Junior KRY, Super Junior T, Super Junior M, Super Junior H, Super Junior D&E