Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Updates on #BurningSunGate and Jang Ja Yeon's case

I forgot to give updates on the blog again yesterday.... Sorry!
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May 18th:
-JJY summoned for 2nd investigation, police to request arrest warrant for him
-2D1N to either be discontinued or go through indefinite hiatus
-One of the woman suspected to be involved in Seungri's prostitution claims that she's not a sex-worker or prostitute
-Police have secured statement regarding Seungri's sexual statement and to investigate him about overseas prostitution and gambling.

-Lee Misook's reps regarding Jang Ja Yeon
-Summary about Lee Misook and Jang Ja Yeon's relationship in 2009
-The Ministry of Justice's Committee of Past Affairs to extend the case until this May
-An anchor is under fire for inquiring Yoon Ji Oh to reveal the names in Jang Ja Yeon's list

May 19th:
-Park Hanbyul revealed to be acquintanced with Yuri Holdings Ex-CEO (Which is different from the first statement), apologizes for the controversy
-JJY to cancel his plan to open a restaurant in France
-CJH criticized for being active on Instagram (liking a picture of himself)
-Indonesian fans gathered up to root for Seungri admist all of the controversies
-CJH previous statement came back to light, an interview he did before his DUI scandal got blown up indicates that he actually knows who Police Yoon is
-MBC News reveals that Seungri knew that there were underages entering Burning Sun (Another thread behind this tweet -> Testimony from underages who entered the club)
-Seungri denied allegations regarding sexual entertainment, gambling, and prostitution (Kakao Talk screen captures from 2015 is attached)

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