Saturday, February 2, 2019

Why did Jennie gain so much weight?


1. [+177][-84] Krystal also gained some weight when she dated Kai. Seems like Kai often brings them delicious foods..

2. [+146][-83] People tend to gain some weight when they're in a relationship..

3. [+110][-81] I've noticed that since her appearance in year-end shows..

4. [+49][-39] The best way to release stress and sadness when you'r facing a break up is to eat..

5. [+48][-4] I don't think she gained weight, she just looks a little bit bloated..

6. [+45][-2] Which part of her that gained weight..??

7. [+43][-18] I don't think she has broken up with Kai yet..

8. [+32][-19] Dwaeni..ㅋㅋㅋ(NB: Dwaeji/돼지/Pig + Jennie. It could be both considered a cute nickname or offensive nickname)

9. [+30][-4] Jendeuk-ie looks like a dumpling, so cute..

10. [+24][-1] ?? What kind of bullshit is this. Just take care of your own body instead of judging someone else's body..