Sunday, July 15, 2018

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The most legendary idol diet ft. before and after pictures


-Mina looked cute even before her diet, though..

-I thought she was full of charms before she started going on diet.. But then she lost so much weight and became the prettiest woman in the world..

-I think she just looked bigger because of her outfit for I Don't Know stage..

-She's my goals..

-She revealed that she lost around 13kg.. That's so freaking amazing..

-She looked cute and adorable before and became so freaking gorgeous after losing weight..

-I heard that she starved herself to lose that amount of weight.. She's still young,

-Ah.. I seriously need to start my diet..

-I've always liked her, even before she lost weight, because she looked cute and refreshing.. These days, she has gotten so much prettier just like a Goddess.. 

-She has always been cute!!

-Mina looks like a

-Whoa.. Her body changed a lot.. She's so amazing..

-She's so freaking beautiful..