Tuesday, February 20, 2018

I think Yoojung from Cheese In The Trap would've been amazing if it was played by this actor..

Kim Jaewoook..!!
N.. Not to mention his acting skillsㅠㅠ

'사랑의 온도' 김재욱의 재발견

-He doesn't look like a college student..ㅠㅠ

-I've never considered him but I think he would've done amazing as Yoojung.. But Park Haejin is still a wall that no one can ever beat..

-They do have the similar aura..

-He looks older than Park Haejin, though..?

-Nope.. Not at all;;

-He looks too old to be Yoojung..

-Hmm.. I think he looks like the 'bad boy' type, while Yoojung is portrayed as a 'model student' in the drama..

-I agree, only if he was younger.. 

-I can't tell whether if you're just being sarcastic or..

-He's the same age with Park Haejin.. Honestly, I wish some younger actors would've played Yoojung role..

-I love Kim Jaewook, but Yoojung role is not for himㅠㅠ Are you trying to get him some hate??

-No one can suit Yoojung role as much as Park Haejin does..

-He doesn't have that special aura that Yoojung has..

-He doesn't suit Yoojung role but frankly speaking, I like him way more than I like Park Haejin..

-Actually, both Park Haejin and Kim Jaewook are too old to be Yoojung..

-I personally think Minho would've done a great job as Yoojung!