Sunday, December 31, 2017

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Park Kyung drops a hint for Block B's comeback 'ㄸㄴㅈㅁㅇ', what does it mean?

U-Kwon: 'Don't sweat' (땀내지마요)

(NB: He's guessing the hint that Park Kyung dropped on the caption)

-Anyone can tell it's 'Don't Leave Me'.. (떠나지마요)

-'I hate the other bitch' (딴 년자 미워)

-'Warning: Another No Jam' (또노잼주위)

-'Another Boring Thing' (또 노잼이용)

-'A Weekend to Leave' (떠난주말임)

-'Eat Some Rice Cake' (떡 너 좀 먹어)

-'(She) Has a Lot of Other Men' (딴 남자 많아)

-'What's with the other guy?' (딴 남자 뭐야)

-'Again, Jimin-ah??' (또냐 지민아)

-'Smell My Sweat' (땀내 좀 맡아)

-'Don't Jump Around' (뛰놀지마요)

-'Smell My Shit' (똥내 좀 맡아)

-'Don't Give Birth to A Daughter' (딸낳지마요)

-'A heart that's currently leaving' (떠난 중 마음)

-'I'm sorry for the other man' (딴남자미안)

-'The other men' (딴남자만을)

-'Shit no jam, sorry' (똥노잼미안)