Sunday, December 31, 2017


Child actor from JYP who has vague future whether to be an idol or an actress

배우할지 걸그룹할지 애매한 JYP 아역 배우 | 인스티즈
배우할지 걸그룹할지 애매한 JYP 아역 배우 | 인스티즈
배우할지 걸그룹할지 애매한 JYP 아역 배우 | 인스티즈
배우할지 걸그룹할지 애매한 JYP 아역 배우 | 인스티즈
She's currently training for both.
Shin Eunsoo, '02 liner.

-Oh.. I'm curious about her dancing skills..

-Seeing by how she participated in the recent showcase, seems like JYP is going to put her in a girl group..

-She looks like Bae Jinyoung in the last picture..

-Ah, she's so pretty..ㅠㅠ I personally wish she would just debut as an actress instead of an idol..ㅠㅠ

-Eunsoo-ya, just debut.. Whether as an actress or an idol!! I will be waiting for you!! An all-rounder girl who's talented in acting, singing, and even dancing..ㅠㅠ

-I hope JYP will debut her as an actress..ㅠㅠ

-The real definition of all-rounder.. She will be successful no matter which path she chooses..

-Can't she just debut as both?

-I have a feeling she's going to debut as an idol, then make her debut as an actress!

-Shin Eunsoo, Shin Ryujin, Jeon Somi.. Jinyoung's dungeon is full of jewels..

-I hope she would just debut as both.. From Jeon Somi, to Shin Ryujin, and now Shin Eunsoo.. What a beautiful flower garden Park Jinyoung has right there..

-She's really good at singing..ㅜㅜ<3

-Eunsoo.. I like you a lot..

-She has the actress vibes in her visual, though..

-I personally think she's more to actress-type rather than girlgroup-type..

-I just hope she would choose what she truly wants to do..