Sunday, December 31, 2017


The top 7 Exo anecdotes that sound like it would only happen on fanfics


Fan: Jongdae-ya, I have something to ask~
Chen: Okay, okay
Fan: Why did you flirt with me when you danced to Artificial Love?
Chen: *laughs*ㅋㅋㅋ Can I ask you something too?
Fan: ?
Chen: Why did you fall for it?

After netizens suspected it as a fake story, the OP uploaded an audio:

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈

Fan:  After attending Exo's fanmeeting, my older brother picked me up and we went home. We opened our windows as we listened to Exo's Power in a quite loud volume. We were just enjoying the song as we waited for the red light to turn green, but suddenly the car next to us rolled their windows down and I saw Baekhyun. I was so surprised and shouted, 'Baekhyun-ah!' and Kai, who sat next to Baekhyun, said 'Please show a lot of love and interest to our song, Power~'  I also saw someone on the passenger seat. Baekhyun saw my brother and asked 'Is that your boyfriend?' and I quickly answered, 'He's my brother!'. Since I couldn't see clearly, I asked who was sitting on the other passenger seat and Baekhyun answered, 'It's Kyungsoo~'. And then I told them I enjoyed the fanmeeting and wished them a good luck for their Mcountdown stage etc.

After netizens suspected it as an ordinary roleplay story, the OP uploaded the recorded audio from the blackbox.

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈

Fan: (Received a call from her uncle during the fansigning)
Baekhyun: Aren't you supposed to pick up the phone? 'ㅅ'
Fan: No, it's okay! (Declined the call but her uncle called her again)
Baekhyun: Give it to me~ 'ㅅ' Hello~ ㅇㅇ is currently in the middle of attending a fansign~ And I'm Baekhyun from Exo~
Fan: Uncle, hang up the phone! Don't tell dad!!
Baekhyun: #%$# She's not supposed to be here? Ah.. We got a big trouble here..
Fan: No, it's not like that..
Baekhyun: Make sure to not get scolded by your dad~!
Fan: I'm already caught red-handed...ㅋㅋㅋ
Baekhyun: *laughs*

After netizens suspected it as a fake story, it's actually recorded on the phone of the other fan's next to the OP and the recording was uploaded right after the suspicion surfaced.

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈

Fan: My friends once asked my why aren't I dating anyone..
Chen: Really?
Fan: I'm a Mossol.. (Motae Solo, someone who hasn't been in relationship in their whole life)
Chen: What about now?
Fan: I don't (have a boyfriend)!
Chen: You don't?
Fan: Yes, I don't.. Do I look like I have one?ㅠ
Chen: You're really charming, though.. I wonder why..
Fan: Oh~ Then you can take meㅋㅋㅋㅋ
Chen: Are you giving me permission now?ㅋㅋ
Fan: Of course.. Please write something that can make my heart skips a beat..
Chen: Read it secretly once you go back to your seat..

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
(p.s: You're mine, Mossol<3)

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
#5. Chanyeol is my neighbor

Fan: Our family once ordered something but it got delivered to Chanyeol's studio, he personally went to our house to give it.

Netizens questioned why would Chanyeol's studio located near a fan's house, and why would their things got delivered to Chanyeol's studio and does it make sense for Chanyeol to personally went to their house to give it back?

The answer is: Yes it does make sense (Taken from an interview)
팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
Q: Something that might seem small to other people but means a lot to you?
A: For me, it's the small considerations. Those small things you do that people can't even realize. Something like, handing over the tissue during meals with other people. Something like that? It means a lot to me. There was this one time when I just finished work and went to my studio, there was a box in front of the door. There were 6 gallons of 2 liters water and in the box there were cherry tomatoes, spring onions, and sesame leafs. I was wondering, 'Why are these in front of my studio?' and then I figured out the delivery man delivered it to the wrong house. And I thought these vegetables would rot if I leave it here, so I went to the house to send it back. I was very proud of myself. 

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
#6. Story after Exo's pre-recording stage.

Xiumin: How old are you?
Fan: Why? Why are you curious about that~
Xiumin: It's nothingㅋㅋㅋ
Fan: You're older than me
Xiumin: Ah, I am? I know, but how old are you to be specific?

Netizens questioned, 'Isn't that just a dream?' >> the OP uploaded the recorded audio

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
#7. Video Letter. 

Fan: I was going through a hard time and my mom DMed a celebrity, telling them how I've been through some hard times and that celebrity was my bias, together with my second bias, sent me a video letter and also a signed album.

Netizens: ???????

팬픽속에서나 가능할법한 엑소 레전드 팬후기 Top7 | 인스티즈
Xiumin: Hey~~
Suho: Hello, Hanbyul-ah~ This is Suho Oppa
Xiumin: I'm Xiumin Oppa~
Suho: Okay, so we've been told that you like Exo so much and now we got a chance to send you a video letter! Oh, how was 2017? I hope you listen to both of your parents, and get along well with your friends and I hope you're doing well at school. Stay healthy and happy~
Xiumin: And we hope you'll grow up well and one day to have a chance to meet us in person..
Suho: Oh, and one again.. If we got the chance, we would send you a signed album!
Okay then.. Happy new year~
Xiumin: Happy new year~~ Bye~~

There's a video of it

-Whoa.. I seriously thought the first story was just another fake story.. Whoa.. Jongdae-ya..

-I'm so jealous of these lucky fans..

-Whoa.. Xiumin asked her how old is she to be specific.. I think my heart just got slapped really hard..

-Whoa.. They're living a fanfic-like life..

-It's just fascinating how the fan was just minding her business while listening to Power and Exo suddenly showed up next to their car..

-Hul.. What in the world.. I'm so jealous of them..

-Ah.. So you're saying that all of these stories actually happened in real life? Oh my goodness..

-Whoa.. These stories are really heart-flutteringㅠㅠ

-It's kind of cheesy and cringe worthy but it's really fun reading these kind of stories..ㅋㅋㅋ

-Netizens questioned, 'Isn't that just a dream?'ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ That got me laughing really hardㅋㅋ

-Exo.. They're so sweet and cool.. They got the complete packageㅠㅠ

-I'm so jealous of these fans..ㅠㅠㅠ I love you, Exo..

-Ok, from this second on I'm saving my money so that I could go to Exo's fansign..

-Whoa.. This is why Exo is really popular.. 

-It's really nice to see Exo taking a good care of their fans..ㅠㅠ

-Ah.. My heart hurts..ㅠㅠ

-I refuse to believe the truth that Jongdae actually wrote 'P.s you're mine, Mossol<3'ㅠㅠ