Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Would you still fangirl over your bias even if they're homosexuals?

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By no, I don't mean you suddenly turn into a hater or anything. You're just shocked and unconsciously walking away from the fandom.

For me, I think I would still fangirl over my bias even though they're homosexuals.


1. [+375][-6] I would only be worried and afraid they would get a lot of hate..

2. [+201][-4] It doesn't matter to me.. I like them not because I want them to by my lover, I like them as a person.

3. [+177][-2] It doesn't really matter to me.. I used to be a fangirl of Troye Sivan and I had fun..

4. [+89][-0] I'm sure there are a lot of homosexuals in the celebrity world.. Dispatch already said they won't expose them. And I personally think their privacy needs to be protected at all costs..

5. [+88][-5] It would be perfect if my bias was gay..

6. [+80][-0] I don't care if my bias is gay, straight, bi, or into hip-hop..

7. [+71][-4] I think it's better for my bias to be gay since there's no way that he would date me..

8. [+68][-4] I prefer to see my bias dating a really handsome man rather than a really beautiful woman..

9. [+57][-2] It doesn't matter to me.. But I'm worried they will get hurt from all the malicious comments people leave in the internet..

10. [+48][-3] Why does that matter? Then you guys make another post with similar content except the 'homosexual' part is changed to 'straight'..