Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Let's play upvote/downvote game based on your make up style

Upvote if you prefer a matte and smooth finish
Downvote if you prefer dewy and moist finish

I will post more in the comment section<3
I personally prefer matte and smooth finish since I have an oily skin, not to mention that it's summer now!


1. [+1201][-453] Brush pen eyeliner / pencil eyeliner

2. [+1194][-874] Matte lip / moisturized lip

3. [+992][-586] Warm tone / cool tone

4. [+556][-286] Neat make up without any pearls / Shimmery make up with lots of pearls

5. [+544][-198] Have you ever broken your eye shadow palette or not

6. [+521][-50] Foundation / BB cream

7. [+472][-59] Do you wear the contact lenses before you start your make up / after you finish your make up

8. [+449][-40] Contour / Highlighter

9. [+442][-72] Do you like 'fruity' style make up or not

10. [+407][-327] Do you apply mascara on your under eyelashes or not