Tuesday, August 8, 2017

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Don't you think what Jennie said in Knowing Brothers is a little bit...

Kim Youngcheol and Jennie did a conversation in English in Knowing Brothers and when Kim Youngcheol said, 'Which city did you live in?', Jennie replied, 'Do you know any cities in New Zealand?'. Am I the only one who's not impressed by this..?

The other comments about this scene:

'Do you know any cities in New Zealand? I think she's just being savage here..ㅋㅋ'

'I know right;; This scene makes me wonder if she was sent to the show to get hate.. I was surprised to know that people think it's cool, I mean.. Listen to what she said and look at the expression on her face when she said it..'

'Jennie is very fierce.. That's why the rest of the members, mostly Lisa and Jennie, act really careful around her and always cover her up.. And you can notice it in their V Live Broadcasts, that Jennie's expression always goes dark and she would force her laugh whenever she's not in the center of the broadcast, especially when the other members are talking and the whole attention is not on her. I can't even watch their V Live Broadcast even though I want to because of Jennie'

For your information, I'm a fan of Jennie^^..
But it just bothers me a lot..


1. [+165][-19] It's a variety show..ㅋㅋㅋ

2. [+152][-25] I'm quite fine with it, I'm just a little bit surprised since her reply is very different with how the other celebrities reply to the similar thing. It's a very common English conversation that celebrities often do in variety shows..

3. [+147][-20] I don't think it's that problematic.. Isn't it normal for her to response the question that way because it's a variety show? I don't think it's rude.. Not to mention that they're all considered as the same age in that show..

4. [+91][-2] If that was controversial then Kim Heechul or Lee Sugeun would've quit the show for a long time ago..

5. [+66][-8] People who don't speak English won't get the joke.. In Korean, it's more like 'How much do you know New Zealand to ask me stuffs about it..?' something like that..?ㅋㅋ

6. [+61][-0] What..? I don't think it's that problematic. It's a variety show, after all.. And you know what concept that show is going with, right? If that was problematic then Knowing Brothers would've flopped since the first episode..

7. [+60][-1] The fixed casts even joke around with divorce, gambling, and cigarettes.. So what?ㅋㅋ

8. [+54][-1] Yeah, you're the only one who thinks that way^^

9. [+37][-1] Knowing Brothers' fixed casts often joke around about divorce, cigarettes, etc.. So why is Jennie's joke considered as problematic..? Not to mention that the concept of the show requires the guests and the fixed casts to speak with each other informally, regardless their ages..

10. [+33][-0] You're worrying over the smallest things.. Are you Kim Youngchul..?