Wednesday, August 2, 2017


The thing that will surprise the viewers of New Journey To The West

As a viewer of New Journey To The West, I was very surprised when I found out about this.
One of the maknae line of the casts, Lee Seunggi, was born on 1987. Which means that he's turning 31 years old this year.

Eun Jiwon was born on 1978, which means that he's turning 40 years old this year. He has 9 years of age difference with Seunggiㅎㄷㄷ
It doesn't look like that at all, though.. Goosebumps..

Lee Sugeun is the most surprising one..
He's 43 years old.. He looks surprisingly older than his actual age..

You're saying that the age difference between him and Eun Jiwon is only 3 years??
Indeed, Eun Jiwon has an extreme baby face..

I was very surprised to see him and Mino in one frame..
Song Mino is 25 years old, they have 15 years of age differenceㅎㄷㄷ
It doesn't look like that at all..

I would believe it if someone said they were from the same group..
Eun Jiwon indeed has a very extreme baby face..

And Eun Jiwon only have 2 years of age gap with Na PDㅎㄷㄷ
What is going on here..

Lately, Unnies and Oppas that were famous in '80s and '90s are making their comebacks.
And one of them is Sechs Kies, they're coming back with their visuals that just never age..

I was very surprised to find out Eun Leader's age, he's already in his 40s..
He looks like a vampire..!!


1. [+96][-1] Vampire in real life..

2. [+73][-2] I'm still a teenager but I really like Eun Jiwon..ㅠㅠ How is this visual already 40 years old..?

3. [+53][-3] Hul.. I had no idea that Eun Jiwon is already in his 40s..

4. [+50][-1] The ability of a man in his 40s to look good in pink..ㅠㅠ This is a recent gif of himㅠ

5. [+46][-1] The cuteness of a 40 years old..ㅠㅠ