Wednesday, August 2, 2017


Park Jaebum's lyrics

'Your girlfriend's underwear becomes moist after watching my performance'
(Jay Park's part in Loco's song that he's featuring in, titled High. Jay Park wrote the lyrics)

-Hul.. What did I just read..

-Why do I feel disgusted..?

-I really lyrics like that..

-This is so funny, my eyes are getting moist;;


-Seriously.. He probably can't write lyrics if women don't exist~

-Because she peed herself..??

-I seriously can't figure out the hip hop world..

-Oh my goodness..


-I.. can't.. understand.. that..

-Hmm.. Nope..

-No sebum..

-This is why I hate hip hop.. They can't write lyrics if women don't exist..

-That sounds strange..

-From now on, you're dry.J..

-It's dry..

-What.. This is my favorite song and yet I had no idea that the lyrics go like this..?