Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Among the girl group songs that were released in 2017

What is your favorite song among all the girl group songs that were released in 2017??
Don't be biased. I personally think Red Velvet's Red Flavor is the best song that have been released this year, what about you??


1. [+58][-13] I usually listen to Red Velvet's songs because I often hear it in some places and it got stuck inside my head, but Red Flavor is different.. I was like 'It's a great song..' even from the first time I listened to it..

2. [+58][-17] The song that GFriend just released today. I personally f*cking like that song..

3. [+55][-14] Fingertip for me..ㅠㅠ The song didn't do well in music charts and a lot of people didn't really like it because the sudden change of concept that GFriend had, but I really really like that song..

4. [+33][-3] As If It's Your Last

5. [+25][-5] Lovelyz's Now, We. I know that they're usually really good at picking title songs, but this time it was different.. Whoa.. I just can't stop admiring it..

6. [+22][-9] Signal

7. [+22][-20] For me, it's Signal..

8. [+21][-1] As If It's Your Last and Red Flavor..ㅠㅠ 

9. [+20][-0] Black Pink's As If It's Your Last

10. [+18][-2] Red Flavor, As If It's Your Last