Friday, July 14, 2017

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The reason why UEE and Gangnam's reps decided to confirm the dating rumors in the end

Because Dispatch released a strong proof that they can't deny

-Ugh.. Both UEE and Gangnam didn't want to announce it this fast since they just recently started dating, though..

-Dispatch should've stopped when they said no. I wonder why do they live their life like that.. Harming the other people for their own advantage. It's not something that they should be proud of..

-Why hasn't Dispatch flopped yet?

-I mean, can't celebrities be in relationship without having any worries?

-They've totally crossed the lines this time.. 

-Dispatch is really cruel..

-Celebrities are human as well.. Is it wrong for them to be in relationship?

-I feel bad towards UEE and Gangnam..

-Can't UEE and Gangnam sue Dispatch for invasion of privacy..?

-Hul.. That's indeed a very strong proof, after all..

-Even commoners are cautious as well when they start a relationship..

-Dispatch, please stop it all..

-Hul.. They already confirmed it..?

-Dispatch is getting me goosebumps all over my body..

-Whoa.. What a great couple they make! It'd be better if they didn't lie in the first place, though..

-I hate Dispatch.. They're not reporters but paparazzis..

-What a scary world we're living in..

-The only solution for Dispatch is to sue them..