Friday, July 14, 2017


Mnet's survival show that has been hitting the jackpot since the first episode

'Idol School', exploding with high viewer ratings.. Broke Produce 101 Season 2's first episode ratings, setting a new record

The viewer ratings for first episode of Produce 101 Season 1:

Produce 101 Season 2:

Idol School:

-Whoa.. Unbelievable..

-The show is very problematic, though..? From being lookism until lolita controversies..

-I can only sigh to see this..

-Oh.. But none of people around me watch this show.. They didn't even know that the first episode aired yesterday..

-I thought people were saying they won't watch this show..

-I wonder who are the people who watch this show.. haha..


-I can't help but watch this show because of Herin..ㅠㅠ

-Why are you guys watching this show..

-Yeah, Mnet is going to keep on producing this kind of show at this rate..

-They already aired the first episode..?? I had no idea.. People around me don't talk about this at all..

-I will never watch this show.. Note that, never..

-None of people I know watch this show.. But why is the rating that high? Who's watching the show, then?

-This is so annoying..

-What..? It's so much higher than I thought..

-Sian looked so cute yesterday..ㅠㅠ

-I saw my dad watching this show and I turned off the TV and warned him to never watch this show again..

-Seems like people are secretly watching this show..

-Hul.. What's going on..